Equivalence of Perforce p4 integ -d -i -b @CL in Git?

April 24, 2012

I was a heavy Perforce user back when working at my old company. And when I first started with Git, I was trying to finding the equivalence of my favourite Perforce commands in Git. P4 and Git are obviously very different in design, but there are couple commands which are similar. p4 integ is one of those cases.


$ p4 integ -d -i -b <branchspec> @Changelist


$ git merge –no-commit –no-squash <from_branch> <SHA1>

This will only work if both branches are from the same base. And you must added the from branch at your local repository at the same location where your to branch exist. –no-squash is optional as it keeps all the change histories in each individual change, instead of squashing all commits into a large commit together.

from branch is also optional as the SHA1 already contained the branch information.

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